YES! as this also insures for your safety...


Did you know that, unlike many overseas countries, in New Zealand there are NO LAWS on who can become a Tour operator ? You will find that many tour operators in New Zealand are not NZ*born* (let alone, even New Zealander's !!). So, doesn't it seem more authentic to have a New Zealander show you "their" country?....(we certainly think so, and we are proud to host you as a combination of NZ*born* and Maori operators).

Here is our mini van (which holds 10 persons)

 We also hold ALL operating Licenses... and are Registered with the Auckland Council to enter Parks and Reserves (see below).  

We carry a $2M Public Liability Insurance  

PLUS: Donna is also Food Handling Certified

A NOTE ABOUT FOOD HYGIENE: Did you know, that in New Zealand, there are NO Food Safety Laws for food which is "included" in a tour (or even a B&B accommodation), as compared with food which is for "sale".  Many tour companies opt to "provide" food which has been home prepared. So, unlike shops that sell food, these people who prepare food at home are not required to sit any Hygiene test that sees them fit and knowledgeable about food preparation and safety. Invariably, this home-prepared food is great, BUT, *how do you really know* what the  facilities were like that were used to prepare, cook and store the food that you are going to be consuming during your day tour?

As one of these operators which "supply" food which is "included-in" the price of your tour, I did not want to have any doubts when it came to my food handling and preparation knowledge....(even though there was NO legal requirement for me to do so).... 

I took it upon myself to become FOOD HANDLING CERTIFIED

We trust that you can appreciate this difference,               ............and our full commitment to quality. to expand views... 


Coast to Coast Tours Company Registration


Stuart Hamilton Passenger Endorsement Licence

Registration with Auckland Council to visit Parks and Reserves


Public Liability Insurance

Food Handling Certified


GST Registered: 80 323 158 


Carbon Credit tree planting on Auckland tours

Our Farm's own Carbon Sink-Tank Reserves...  

Here is where YOUR tree      will be planted!


Lower planting block reserve

Our own farm's Carbon Sink Reserve is: Motutara Farm Forestry Sink Covenant No. 9653972.1
and is Registered with the NZ Government

Here is where YOUR tree gets planted! 

Motutara Farm and Homestead


... If you tour this region on another tour, you'll just drive straight past our farm...

Touring with us, YOU get to come in !  

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