Please note:

- we do NOT visit Hobbiton or  Waitomo Caves!

- we pick-up from CENTRAL Auckland city only!

- we tour West Auckland only!



"o n e    and    o n l y"

Coast -&- Country  tour  


This tour is based along the route to our *private* farm ...and is no more than 40 minutes from Auckland city  

Many folk make the assumption that; "no way will they be able to find enough things to do to fill a whole day just 40 minutes from the city!!" So they opt to go further afield and the result is them spending most of their precious time traveling...and little time experiencing!!!

Believe us, there is a lot to do, and you will feel like you are in another world just question; 

"Why waste time cooped up in a bus traveling for miles?" 

- You will see and do SO much ALL on this one day tour!

And, "Why visit all Public places?"

- On our tour you get to go somewhere Private!

There are many other Auckland tour companies that visit this west Auckland Muriwai region. Driving out, they will be passing our farm ... our difference is:  YOU get to come IN

>>> (no other tour has access to our farm) <<<

We are the tour company that LIVES here...(since 1922 !!)

This tour is also all-inclusive,  with lunch (plus wine/beer) and afternoon tea. (There are NO extra or hidden costs!)


Trust the SPECIALISTS for coast & country experiences ...because you tour the region where we LIVE

Auckland Coast to Coast Tours van

This tour [normally] picks-up at 10:30am

If you are off a Cruise Boat and require to be back by a fixed time, we can adjust pick-up / drop-off times to suit

Auckland Coast to Coast tours van inside

......We pick-up from all inner Auckland city accommodations plus Cruise ports: [Princes & Queens]

Sorry, we are not able to pick-up from the Airport...

For small groups (2-3 persons) we use our SUV vehicle

Most of your tour is time OUT of the vehicle - but while on-the-road, get ready for a commentary-rich trip!

(Compare this with other tours where you are spending your precious experience time traveling long distances).


New Zealand crafts

After a short drive out of Auckland city your first stop is at Westgate. Situated in this complex is Craftworld ... a huge store packed with genuine New Zealand crafts of every description!

We receive NO commissions for bringing people to this store!!

There is NO "pressure-selling" here... in fact if you don't want to go into Craftworld, there are lots of other shops to see in the vicinity.

But we DO provide a 15% discount voucher ... (compare this with other tours who may visit this market and only give you 5% or 10% discount and pocket the remaining discount for themselves!).


Can you imagine shopping for unique New Zealand crafts in here?

wine tasting on Auckland tour

Your next stop is to sample New Zealand wine! ...No, there's no need to take a separate wine-tasting tour as it's included on your tour!

You must be 18y to sample wines (ID may be required), and you can purchase wine directly from the winery!


eating lunch on Auckland tour

and it's your choice of one main from the upmarket cafe/restaurant menu. (yes, Vegetarian dishes too!).

Also included is a beverage [wine/beer/soda/juice, or, tea/coffee].

.....When comparing tour prices, do check if an alcoholic beverage is included on other Auckland tours?

after your lunch stop we drive further west, to Muriwai Beach

-this is where our family has lived since 1922-

and we are sure you will appreciate the difference having a LOCAL show you around (rather than someone who drives you out for a "visit").

Muriwai Beach gannet colony Auckland

There's a short stroll out to viewing decks overlooking the colony, with spectacular views of the Tasman sea and wild black iron-sand coastline along the way.

Concerned that you can't walk there (or worried you will be made to/or be left behind?)... certainly not! You are welcome to sit in the van and enjoy the view!

Muriwai Beach gannet

As locals, we've seen many changes to this beach, along with many historical events that our family experienced ..........first-hand

Our visitors comment that relaying these accounts to our guests' is just one of the things that make taking a tour with us so special.

We live just 7 minutes from Muriwai Beach.

to the farm sign

Our farm is not a purpose built tourist "attraction" (...we don't close shop at the end of the day!)

THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE - only our tour visits here!

It's your only opportunity to visit a *private* sheep farm while on a tour in Auckland, New Zealand.

historic Auckland tours

You'll see and learn all about our kiwi farming lifestyle...

Touch artifacts, from the farm you have just toured.

NO other tour gets to see this!


close encounters with sheep Auckland New Zealand

On our farm we have lots of sheep for you to see. Many of our sheep are friendly, allowing you to feed and touch and cuddle them.

You'll learn all about sheep and how we care and maintain our flock.

people with animals and birds

We have other animals and birds for you to see too!

and baby lambs to cuddle Sept - Dec

historic Motutara farm woolshed

No visit to a sheep farm is complete without seeing inside the farm's woolshed.

Again, our woolshed has not been purpose-built for tourists... it was built in 1930, and still in original condition with old-style machinery & fittings. It's the very reason why it's often used for films and movies!


people in a fruit orchard

You'll enjoy exploring our fruit orchard. We have apples, peaches, grapes, avocado, almond, macadamia, kiwifruit, ...and you'll probably see our free-range chickens too!


offset carbon emissions on Auckland Coast to Coast tours

One very important feature that sets our tour different from the rest is that it is carbon-efficient.

We plant a tree for every tour we do ...and you become joint custodians of the 'tree-of-the-day'.

NO other Auckland tour does anything like this!

After your hard day on the farm, we invite you for afternoon tea. Please note: Donna is Food Handling Certified, ...and FYI... this is not a requirement for tour operators!!! that is, anyone can supply you with food without any knowledge about food hygiene safety, storage, or preparation....(eeeek!!)


Get to sample our *homemade* Pavlova!

Sadly, our day with you will have ended all too soon, and after our farewells you will be escorted back to the city, normally arriving about 6pm, (and certainly in time for your Cruise Boat departure which is a guaranteed 1 hour before sail-time!).

Get your friends together!

there's GROUP PRICES for 6+ person groups    


 $250 per person
* (min 2 persons unless a tour already operating)*

Priced in NZD 

The New Zealand dollar (NZD) is not the Australian dollar (AUD).

We can also take your payment in USD... and the exchange rate will be worked out on the day (and change is given to nearest $).

Payment is at the END of the tour

Want to compare our price with other Auckland tours?

see HERE





"Best Tour on an 18 Day Cruise" 


"The highlight of our trip and the best tour ever!!"

This tour operates 31 Aug - 30 Apr (-and subject to availability)




Want to travel alone ? 

...we can make your tour PRIVATE   


Auckland private shore excursion tours

 ( any -or- all of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )   

Taking a Private tour means you choose your own itinerary and times. Maybe you want to do more wine-tasting, or would like to spend more time at the Craftmarket or beach...the choice is yours! If you are in a group, this is a very cost-effective way to tour. This tour is "all-inclusive" and does get booked-out quickly! Tours are priced on the individual basis.   


This tour operates all-year-round (-and subject to availability).

Get your friends together...  you'll get special GROUP PRICES for groups of 6+ persons.

>>> see our specialised Auckland PRIVATE tours website <<<  


Tours are priced on the individual basis







Are you flying back home after your Cruise?Perhaps you have a spare day before your evening flight home...but; "Uh-oh, we have luggage because we just disembarked". You can bring your luggage with you during the tour, and we'll deliver you to the Airport (+NZD 20 pp transfer)

But be in quick for this service, as there's limited room ! 



>>> CHECK the PORT of AUCKLAND Cruise Ship TIMETABLE <<< 



  • pick-up and drop-off (usually inner Auckland city region only )
  • payment at the END of the tour
  • [in-person] commentary and "guiding"
  • wine-tasting
  • lunch (with a wine/beer!)
  • our sheep farm (HONEY, woolshed tour, Afternoon tea, Carbon offset) INCLUDED
  • Muriwai Beach (black sand beach), Gannet colony (nesting Sept-Apr)





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