GROUP tours

 Discounts for 6+ persons!!!

Auckland Coast to Coast tours picks up directly from cruise boats

Although our tours are normally small (max 11 persons), there are times when we may host larger groups. However, to try to retain a personal level, we do limit these to around 30 persons. To transport this number, we must hire-in a luxury coach (still with pick-up from your Cruise Boat and/or Hotel accommodation).  


Depending on the itinerary, Lunch can be included at a winery, or a local upmarket cafe, (all with wine/beer included).   


Lunch included on Auckland Coast to Coast shore excursion tours



Been reading the statements made by other Auckland tours...?

Here's how WE validate ours...


  • You get lots of experiences in your limited time because our tours do not involve a lot of traveling.  
  • You get personally hosted because we are the owner/operators and we don't pass you onto a 3rd party.
  • You get a legally-operated tour because we hold all licenses (as well as Registered to visit Auckland Parks).
  • You get a flexible tour because  we fit in with your Cruise   Boat schedule (and we pick-up directly from your ship).
  • You get a senior-friendly itinerary because  there is no hiking or swimming on our tours (or waiting while others do).
  • You get a local's view of the Muriwai region because we are locals.
  • You get the security of being close to your boat because at no time are you anymore than 40mins from Auckland.
  • You get value-for-money because everything is included in the price as well as a wine/beer with your upmarket lunch! (....and NO, you do not eat your lunch sitting in your bus seat !)


"We can appreciate you may need to have a think about things...  but to avoid disappointment, don't leave booking us too late"

Especially for group (and/or Private) tours!

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