...getting you close and personal with sheep
-IN Auckland!

see sheep in Auckland on Auckland shore excursion tour

We can bet...
that on your list of "Things to Do" while in New Zealand, it is that you want to see sheep?

......But where, you may wonder, can you get to see sheep in Auckland???

Our "Sheepworld" tour is your answer to get to Sheepworld Farm and Nature Park!

  • pick-up directly from your cruise ship or central Auckland city accommodation
  • [usually] 9am - 4:30pm
  • ALL-inclusive (lunch + beverage, entry and tasting fees)
  • Minimum 2 persons
  • Discounts 6+ persons
CLICK TO ENLARGE - Auckland Sheepworld shore excursion tour route

Situated 45 minutes from Auckland city it's often difficult to make this journey all the way to Warkworth (unless you have a rental car, and know the route!), so our all-inclusive Auckland Day Tours have been specially designed to not only give you your sheep experience, but also provide you with a relaxing Auckland shore excursion.

11 seater mini van - Coast to Coast Tours

Be picked-up directly from your cruise ship and start your journey into the countryside in our 11-seater minivan.

It's small and personal group travel >>>(quite unlike the large cruise ship groups!).

Tours are timed especially for cruise ship passengers to arrive back within 1 hour before your ship departs.

Tours are ALL-inclusive (NO hidden or "extra" costs to surprise you!), with lunch + beverage, entry fees and tastings ALL included!

Your only requirement is to sit back and enjoy the trip!

honey tasting on Auckland shore excursion tours

Honey-tasting is also a sweet "must-do" on this tour, and we take you to experience New Zealand's most famous "Manuka" Honey. You'll soon learn why this honey is so special!

taste wine on Auckland shore excursion tours

The region where you will be touring is also a well respected wine producing region of Auckland. You will be able to enjoy superb red and white varieties.

The fee for your wine-tasting is included!

lunch PLUS beverage is included on Auckland Shore Excursions tours

Next you will arrive at an upmarket cafe / restaurant for your lunch. Do note: that not only is your lunch included on our tours, it also includes an alcoholic beverage...and, you do not eat your lunch in your bus seat (like on many other Auckland shore excursion tours!).

...It's then 2pm...

and it's showtime at the Sheepworld Farm and Nature Park!

During the one hour entertaining presentation, you will hear all about sheep farming in New Zealand. See the sheepdogs rounding up and bringing in the sheep, as well as a shearing demonstration, ..................(and we know you'll love to see the baby lambs too!!)

baby lambs on Auckland Sheepworld tour

We then get ready for our picturesque return drive to Auckland, and this will be within 1 hour of your cruise ship departure.

This tour does require a minimum of 2 persons, but do please contact us if you are a solo traveler because it is more than likely that this very popular tour could already have bookings!

price of Auckland Sheepworld Shore Excursion tour


find lots more info about sheep and the NZ sheep farm here



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